I am passionate about ideas and learning. I work as a teacher at a local high school, primarily with students requiring support for a range of different reasons. I’m also a mum and my girls are without question my first priority.  These three things have resulted in me spending a lot of time learning about learning, and education more broadly.

Parenting in today’s crazy fast paced world is a challenge when your philosophy of life doesn’t quite fit with the norm. For my girls I have tried to create a slower paced childhood, where things are not rushed, and free play and creativity are valued. It’s hard work at times, but as I see my girls playing and talking and interacting and forming opinions about things that mater, I’m glad that my husband and I have made the choices we have.

In my work as a teacher I am inspired by the slow education movement. I believe in a progressive, child centred approach where each learner is treated as an individual, and given the time and space to learn and grow in their own way. I believe all children need to be given a voice, an opportunity to be known and to come to know themselves. I believe that curiosity is the driving force that stimulates learning and creativity, and without it education is futile. I believe learning should be delivered in a way that allows students to be engaged in meaningful tasks, have opportunities to be creative and solve problems, and to develop confidence in their strengths as a learner.  An unrealistic utopia?  Perhaps. But I’m not giving up on the dream yet.

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