Look Closer

Sometimes you have to look closer. I mean really look. Look so hard that it hurts your eyes. We tend to rush through life in such a way that we end up seeing nothing. The constant bombardment of images and events flicker past our unseeing eyes, and yet nothing remains once they are gone. Things … More Look Closer

Home Sweet Home

If we are working hard to create a life less busy, and slowing down to allow time for the things that really matter, then it is necessary to ensure we have the right space in which to do those things.  I have previously talked about the importance of the home environment and the benefits of … More Home Sweet Home

The Hype About Hygge

So, what’s all the hype about Hygge? Recently there has been an influx of articles and books published on the subject of hygge, which is a Danish word pronounced ‘hoo-ga’. It can be roughly translated into English as cosiness or comfort. Earlier this year I read a book by Helen Russell called ‘A Year of Living … More The Hype About Hygge