Reading List – Fourth Quarter 2017

As we begin a brand new year, here is my reading list from the final quarter of 2017. Included are the usual selection of articles as well as some books that I found helpful throughout the year. Enjoy.


Why is Everyone so Busy?

5 Excellent Reasons To Commit To Less, Today

The Cult of Busy

Why the Future of Stuff Is Having More and Owning Less

Creation Over Consumption

4 Surprising Benefits Of Daily Journaling

Being Content With What You Have

How To Be Still When The World Is Spinning Wildly

To Promote Happiness, Choose Time Over Money

The Power of Silence in the Smartphone Age

5 Excellent Reasons To Commit To Less, Today

In the Digital Age’ Physical Assets are a Burden

We should all be working a four-day week. Here’s why

Our Consumption Model Is Broken. Here’s How To Build A New One.

7 Documentaries That Will Change Your Entire Life

Creativity and Emotional Wellbeing: Recent Research


Goodbye Things – Fumio Sasaki

Destination Simple: Everyday Rituals for a Slower Life – Brooke McAlery

Essentialism – The Disciplined Pursuit of Less – Greg McKeown

The Things You Can Only See When You Slow Down: How to be Calm in a Busy World – Haemin Sunim

L’art de Simplicite: How to Live More With Less – Dominique Loreau

Minimalism: Live a Meaningful Life – The Minimalists

Do Less: A Minimalist Guide to a Happy, Simplified, Organized and Happy Life – Rachel Jonat

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