Reading List – Third Quarter 2017

If you are looking for some tips and inspiration for slowing down and living a simpler life then post may be of help. As usual I have compiled a list of articles that I have shared either on Twitter or my Facebook page over the past three months. Enjoy.

Lifestyle and Wellbeing

Goodbye things, hello minimalism: can living with less make you happier?

Being Busy Is Killing Our Ability to Think Creatively

The Disease of Being Busy

I Am Not Ambitious; I Crave A Slow Life, A Simple Life

These Scottish Islands may Hold the Secret to Happiness

Ikigai: Finding your Reason for Being

Yūgen (幽玄) – Deep Awareness of the Universe

Four Japanese Concepts to Apply to Your Life in 2017

Quit Social Media Every Other Day

How To Unplug from Social Media as an Introvert

9 Ways To Feel Zen When You’re Totally Overwhelmed

Good night’s sleep more important than a pay rise in making you happy, says study

Not Busy, Focused (The Minimalists)

4 Astonishing Ways Digital Detox Boosts Productivity

The Richness of Everyday Life

The Best Path to Long-Term Change Is Slow, Simple and Boring

Why Your Office Needs More Nature

Your Smartphone Reduces Your Brainpower, Even If It’s Just Sitting There

Proof That Shorter Working Days Make Us More Productive (And, Happier…)


Education and Parenting

For long-term improvements, schools need to slow down

Can too many toys limit creativity and give kids an addiction to ‘stuff’ early on?

If We Don’t Let Our Children Play, Who Will Be the Next Steve Jobs?

Have Smartphones Destroyed a Generation?

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