Look Closer


Sometimes you have to look closer. I mean really look. Look so hard that it hurts your eyes. We tend to rush through life in such a way that we end up seeing nothing. The constant bombardment of images and events flicker past our unseeing eyes, and yet nothing remains once they are gone. Things pass so quickly that we are unable to take an imprint to store for later. One day, after too much time has passed, we realise that there is nothing left. No substance. No memories. Nothing.

Each moment in time is a treasure that we careless allow to fly away. What do we hold on to? Things that we can touch and smell and taste. But the memories pass by. Nothing is left once the stuff disappears. And it does. So look. Stop and look at all those moments whizzing by. Reach out and grab hold of them. Squeeze the memories out of them and etch them into your brain. Because one day they will be all you have left. They are your life.


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