Reading List – Second Quarter 2017

This quarter I have spent somewhat less time online in my attempt to create a life less busy, and I hope to write about that experience soon. In the meantime, here is my second quarter reading list for 2017. The links are to articles that I have shared on either Facebook, Twitter or both during the past few months. Hopefully you may find some helpful things to inspire or motivate you to cultivate a life less busy.

Lifestyle and Wellbeing

The Art of Enough

Simplifying our life: why less is more

Slow is Beautiful

Going Slow: The Slow Movement

How I Quit Being Busy

Doing Something Creative Can Boost Your Well-Being

Struggling to Meditate? Try the Ultimate Meditation

How to Consume Social Media Mindfully

Work-Life Balance Is About Years, Not Days

Is Mucking Around a Dying Art?

Could Living With Less Make You Happier and Wealthier?

How to Unbusy Your Life

Why You Should Take a Relaxing Lunch Break

Who killed the weekend?

We Let Work Define Us. Why Not Play?

Carl Honoré recommends the best books on Slow Living

Tea With Mum

Why Should We Slow Down? The Lost Art of Patience

Three Surprising Ways Nature Leads to Success and Joy

All The Clutter And Extra Stuff In Your House Is Making You Miserable

Darwin Was a Slacker and You Should Be Too

5 Highly Productive Reasons to Make Time for More Play

Unsubscribing from the Culture of Busyness

Slow Down, Simplify, and Clear Your Mind and You’ll Get Better Results

“Digital Culture Makes Us Less Alive – It’s Time To Stand Up And Start A New Outdoors Movement”

The Science Of Happiness And The Creative Brain

Fitting In Is Overrated: Embrace Your Uniqueness to Find Meaning in Life

Education and Parenting

Simplifying Childhood May Protect Against Mental Health Issues

For The Children’s Sake, Put Down That Smartphone

Psychologists recommend children be bored in the summer

Preparing our girls for womanhood has never been harder, but it can be done

Kids Are Better Friends When They Spend Time Away From Screens

I’m No Longer Looking To Advance My Career. Now I’m Aiming For More Time With My Kids

How to raise environmentally conscious kids

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