Reading List – First Quarter 2017

The first quarter of this year has just flown by. Despite my attempts to slow down my life, it seems I haven’t been able to slow down time. Here is my reading list for the first quarter of 2017. The links here are all articles or links that I have shared on either Facebook, Twitter or both during the last few months. I hope you find some interesting things to inspire or motivate you on your quest for a life less busy.

Lifestyle and Wellbeing

How Busyness Crushes Our Soul

The Art of Enough

Have Less To Do

The Disease of Being Busy

25 Ways to Simplify Your Life in 10 Minutes or Less

Why Is Everyone Always So Busy

The Key to Productivity? Do Nothing

Too Much Too Fast: Why It’s Time for Humans to Slow Down

Why a walk in the woods really does help your body and your soul

I trained myself to be less busy – and it dramatically improved my life

Break the “Busy”ness Cycle: Live with More Intention

5 Ways a Screen Time Detox Can Transform Your Health

The Secret to Happiness? Simplify.

The Minimalism Checklist

Becoming a Minimalist

50 Things to Get Rid Of Right Now

If you want to be a better person, find something to do outside of work

How to Slow Your Space

How to completely declutter your social media

5 Things We Pursue in the Simple Life

In Praise of Slow Thinking

Education and Parenting

Why Kids Need Minimalism

World’s First Clinical Trial Finds Diet Works for Depression

‘Happiest man in the world’ says veganism is the key to happiness 

Mindfulness for the Creative Individual


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