Slow Living and Healthy Eating

When life gets too busy it’s very easy to slip into bad habits with our diets. Healthy eating is an important component of overall wellbeing and yet, when we are constantly rushing around, it can easily be forgotten. If we are juggling work, family, and the multitude of demands on our time, convenience foods often seem to solve more problems than they might create. Unfortunately, over time we will begin to pay the price for our unhealthy choices.


We know that poor food choices are linked to a wide range of illnesses from heart disease to diabetes and cancer. Interestingly a recent research study has also just confirmed that a healthy diet can be a successful treatment for mild to severe depression. Although we may be more than just what we eat, our diet certainly plays an important role in our health and longevity. And yet, how easy it is to just grab the packaged and processed options to save some time.


Several years ago, before I returned to the workforce, I had started a food blog as a kind of family recipe book. I had never intended to get an audience but rather saw it as a way of staying inspired to create healthy choices for our family meals. As my children got older and I began working I found myself time poor and not only did the blog become idle, but my passion for cooking all but disappeared. One of the great benefits of making the decision to slow down has been taking the edge of the frantic rush of family life. I’ve been able to make sure that amidst all the chaos I’m still making healthy choices for my family and modelling that as a normal way of eating.


There are a wide range of healthy food blogs with endless inspiration, although sometimes the problem can be information overload. My advice is to keep things simple. Look to the foods and diets of traditional cultures such as the Mediterranean or Japan, rather than the latest fad. The big secret is to avoid, or dramatically reduce, processed and packaged food and increase fresh vegetables, fruits and whole grains. If you are looking for ideas suitable for families feel free to check out my Tao Belly Blog, or follow on Instagram for quick inspiration.

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