Contemplation and the Meaning of Life

Earlier this week I was flicking through my Twitter feed and came across a post about the meaning of life. Given my tendency to ponder just this topic, I was intrigued enough to click the link and was taken to the wonderful online Book of Lifecreated by an organisation called The School of Life. The entry was discussing whether there was in fact any meaning to life and what exactly it might be.

According to the author, it seems there are three factors that may contribute to ‘meaning’ in one’s life and they are communication, understanding and service. Communication is about the relationships we have with others beyond ourselves and while this can be with actual people, it may also be with books or art. Understanding is the meaning that we are able to make from the events in our life, and the ability to gain clarity where once there was confusion. Service is how we can contribute to the lives of others, and this may include physical assistance but also emotional or spiritual support.

I think the challenge is that in our current society there is so little value placed on introspection that it seems quite acceptable for people to go through their whole lives without thinking much at all. Certainly we tend to be more reliant on the physical manifestations of life rather than any of the nebulous qualities that make up meaning. It reminded me just how important it is to make time in your life for contemplation. By pausing to reflect on the events in our lives we can start to make meaning from them. It is only when we stop to consider how much our current life matches our values and ideals, that we can begin to make changes to ensure we are living in a way that will foster contentedness and inner peace.

The original article is worth reading and you can check it out here.

Make time for contemplation.

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