Review – In Praise of Slow

In Praise of Slow by Carl Honoré was published back in 2004 but it is still a great read if you are new to, or passionate about, the idea of slow living.  Easy to read and engaging from start to finish, Carl introduces us to the slow movement and covers topics such as slow food, slow cities, slow living, slow or alternative medicine, working less and enjoying more leisure time and raising children in an unhurried way.  As a mum and an educator I was particularly interested in his chapter about raising unhurried children.

The overall message of the book is that there is much to gain by slowing down and that the philosophy of slow can be applied to almost any area of life with positive results.  If you are working towards simplifying your life, or if living in the moment and enjoying life to the full appeal to you, In Praise Of Slow is essential reading.

You can also check out Carl’s website for additional information and he has since published two more books titled Under Pressure and The Slow Fix. In Praise of Slow is now available as an audio book as well, read by the author.

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