Why Womankind Magazine is Essential Reading

I’m not one to try and push things on other people, but when something is good I think it’s important to talk about it, and to share its virtues with anyone willing to listen. I should warn you before I begin that in this post I may seem a little over-enthusiastic, but it’s not often you discover something that really feels like one of the essential components of your perfect lifestyle, and so I hope you will forgive me the indulgence of a little adoration.


I love reading but when life is busy, it is often one of the first things that I stop doing in order to create extra time. I’ve heard people speak about reading as a kind of guilty pleasure. I hear terrible tales of people daring to sit down on the couch to read a book while the dishes sit dirty in the sink, or sneaking some time to read when there are far more pressing things that they ‘should’ be doing. When did reading for pleasure become such a luxury? These days it is often screen time that competes with good old fashioned reading. I know many people who now do all their reading on screens via websites, social media or online books. Personally, I love reading traditional books and I do love actual, rather than virtual, magazines. Not so long ago I discovered what I consider to the best magazine available, and for that matter some of the best reading full stop.

13221358_1094697650591421_6230408615887506108_o - Copy.jpg

For those of you who have not yet discovered Womankind magazine you are in for a treat. Here are my reasons why this publication should be on your ‘must read’ list.

  1. It is 100% add free!
    To me this is an extraordinary quality. There are NO ADDS AT ALL. Nothing trying to convince you that you are not good enough. Nothing trying to convince you that you need to buy more stuff to fix all the things about you that are not good enough. Nothing trying to convince you that you need more stuff so you can finally be happy. Just good quality reading and viewing material. Bliss!
  2. The writing is just so damn good!
    Womankind is a magazine aimed at women who enjoy reading and thinking about contemporary issues at a deeper level than the usual ‘ten ways to make him love you’ kind of nightmare that exists in much of today’s medial. The articles are thought provoking and meaningful and cover a wide range of interests and topics. Each edition has a theme and is put together in such a clever and coherent way it’s like travelling to another world. Total reading bliss!
  3. Inspiration on every page!
    The magazine includes short snippets of fascinating information, articles of varying length, quotes, stunning artwork and beautiful photography all compiled in a most satisfying way. And the cover art is extraordinary. I think when we want to be creative and contribute to the world in which we live, we need quality input. Constant flicking through social media feeds or watching mind numbing television certainly provides input but it leaves one dulled and drained. After spending time reading Womankind Magazine, I feel inspired to create, discuss, change and really live life. Read, reflect and follow your bliss!


You can also read the wonderful New Philosopher Magazine by the same publishers. This publication explores philosophical ideas in contemporary contexts and each edition has a different theme such as education, technology or travel. It is a somewhat heavier tone than Womankind but is still very accessible for a range of interest levels.

Both magazines are subscriber funded. They are produced in Australia but are now also available in New Zealand, Canada and the USA. You can find out more about, them and get a good feel for the kind of content they contain, at the websites below. But nothing is quite as enjoyable as sitting back with a nice cup of tea and flicking through the add free pages of a truly quality publication such as these. And the best news….the new edition is available at suppliers in Australia on Monday. Pick up a copy and I’d love to hear your thoughts.

Womankind Magazine
New Philosopher Magazine

Because there is no advertising you can follow and share both on Facebook and Twitter to help spread the love.

Just to clarify, I am not actually connected in any way to Womankind Magazine. I am simply writing a teview because I love the magazine and would like to help promote it because it is an add free publication. I have received several comments and messages about subscriptions and suppliers but I am unablw to help with this. If you want further information about the magazines please click on the hyperlinks above.

15 thoughts on “Why Womankind Magazine is Essential Reading

  1. Can I get a sample copy maureen drennan at 25b mcalls avenue ayr south ayrshire ka89aa Scotland. 🌟 Thank you. 🌟


  2. these magazines are absolute gold. i am also very inspired to promote such a wonderful product. nothing else like New Philosopher and Womankind. i only read an article a day so they last longer!!

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  3. I’ve tried twice to subscribe to your magazine and the online form keeps rejecting my email address. When I try to place the order the email field is highlighted in red & I’m asked to correct it. The address is correct. Can you fix this as I would like to subscribe? Kimberl6 (kimberly@netspace.net.au)

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  4. This is such a well considered topic for a life less busy. I love Womankind… and while not advertisement free, The Smith Journal and Peppermint Magazine are two of my favourite Aussie publications. I love the feeling of sitting down with a cup of tea and reading a print publication. It brings all my senses into being. All too often I (seemingly) conveniently skim online content under the guise of reading and I’m left feeling unsatisfied. That is not to say you cannot be deeply engaged with online content, but you must choose quality over quantity. Don’t fall prey to the ‘world of busy’ or the concept of the super human – I.e I can fit everything in if I just multi-task, skim read etc. If we can’t be all things to all people, and all at the same time, then we should be something to someone. We should engage fully with one story at a time, think deeply about it and impress these feelings on our soul. We need not give a thought to what we are missing out on by taking this time. We have everything to gain from giving quality writing our full attention. So thank-you for sharing your enthusiasm 😊

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    1. Thank you for your comment, I completely agree. I have actually started scheduling in time to sit and read a real book or magazine. Somehow it feels like I have actually done something real, I feel renewed and also energised. I think so often we have continuous input but none of it is very high quality. I no longer feel bad for taking time to sit on the couch with my tea and magazine.


  5. You introduced me to this great magazine and I’ve already shared them with friends. Soul nourishing with beautifully written articles….images that could easily be framed!

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