Hello Nature

Nature is……bliss!

IMG_7361 - Natural Bridge bushwalk - Copy - Copy.JPG

Sometimes life gets so busy that we forget anything exists outside our own little bubble and beyond our to do list. When I start feeling like this I know that a day connecting with nature is often the best remedy. Yesterday we had a family day out and it was like therapy for the soul. New sights, fresh air, happy memories.


I am very fortunate to live within easy driving distance of mountains, rainforests and the ocean, and I love visiting all of them for different reasons. But you don’t need spectacular scenery to make a connection to nature. Even city parks usually have a glorious old tree to sit under, or a garden of graceful flowers, or a mysterious fish pond. At home an indoor plant is a tiny miracle in our midst.


It is worthwhile considering nature as more than just something pretty to look at. Contemplating our place in the world can give us a greater sense of perspective. Consider the timing of things…..the ancient tree that has been standing steady for over a hundred years, the rocks….slowly worn down by the ocean over hundreds of thousands of years, the stars twinkling in the night sky….burning over billions of years. Beside all these things we are but a speck in time. It is humbling and exhilarating to feel part of the ever-changing cosmos. So when we return to our bubbles, and our to do lists, we bring back a sense of wonder and life becomes more meaningful.


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