Enjoy a Life Less Busy

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I feel like the last few years have been crazy busy.  While I know that there are busier people than me, unfortunately I just don’t do busy very well at all. I found myself at the point where I just didn’t have anything left, as if time had been slowly wearing me down. Longing for quiet, uninterrupted periods of time I made the decision that this year I would stop feeling so frantic and cultivate a life less busy.

My goal is to slow down, simplify my life and somehow discover serenity in the process. This blog will be my musings along the way.

2 thoughts on “Enjoy a Life Less Busy

  1. How wonderful it is that I found you on Instagram and then we connected on WordPress! Your beautiful photos drew me into your peaceful, calm space over at IG and I so cherish your words, thoughts and philosophy behind them so very much as well. I look forward to getting to know you and to share this journey of slowing down with you. Blessings and warmest greetings from Helsinki. Yuen x

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